About Us

Sycamore Legal is a commercial legal practice based in Sydney which operates on the New Law model. Our practice areas include not only domestic legal issues in Australia but more importantly also cross-border legal matters among Australia, Hong Kong and Mainland China. We fully leverage on the opportunities presented by the recently concluded free trade agreement between Australia and Hong Kong, and those arising from the Greater Bay Area, an initiative orchestrated by China’s central government to coalesce Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and 7 other cities in Southern China into a mega financial, technological and innovative hub rivalling the San Francisco and Tokyo Bay Areas. We provide affordable yet quality cross-border legal services to help Australian businesses (particularly SMEs) to tap into the rich business opportunities deriving from the Hong Kong – Australia Free Trade Agreement as well as the Greater Bay Area.
Sycamore Legal is partnering with SimplifyLaw, a Hong Kong New Law Practice providing legal and commercial consultancy to SMEs, to offer full-scale cross-border commercial legal services to Australian businesses (especially the SMEs) investing or doing businesses in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and the Mainland China.
Our commercial practice (both on Australian domestic law and cross-border matters between Australia, Hong Kong and China) is based entirely on the New Law Model, which means we offer fix-fee legal services and using Legal Tech to streamline work process. This New Law Model however does not apply to contentious matters like civil proceedings.