Our Fees


We have scrapped the much hated and indeed tyrannical billable hour model, and replace it with a client-friendly one of fixed fee.

Our fees are extremely competitive, and in most cases, lower by 30% to 50%, compared to traditional law firms or even other NewLaw practices in Hong Kong, for three reasons.

First, we have completely got rid of the “brokers” in the provision of legal services, so a large slice of fees payable to them as commissions is saved.

Second, our extensive use of Legal Tech streamlines and automates work process, strengthens legal team collaboration, cuts expensive human power, thereby saving the time of lawyers and thus costs of clients.

Third, but not the least, we benchmark the unit time costs of our lawyers on in-house lawyers’ rate, not traditional law firms’, the former being only 50 – 60% of the latter or even less.

We provide customised fee structure for clients. Clients can choose to pay for a specific piece of work requested (such as drafting a legal document), on a project basis (for example, an offshore M&A) or on monthly or yearly retainer.