Our Services

We provide comprehensive legal advice and services regarding Australian domestic law, as well as cross –border legal matters among Australia, Hong Kong and Mainland China, with a focus on corporate and commercial matters. Specifically, we are specialised and experienced in handling the following types of legal issues and cases affecting or involving both Australia and Hong Kong/Mainland China:
For individuals, our services range from cross-border matrimonial matters such divorce, spouse and children maintenance and support, custody, adoption, estate succession, where for example the deceased’s estate comprising assets located in both jurisdictions, and personal investments in both jurisdictions, cross-border asset and fund re-organisation and restructuring.
For businesses and corporations, we are experienced in handling cross-border M&A, investment projects, insolvency, debt and asset restructuring, regulatory investigations, civil proceedings and various types of immigration cases (including business visas, family & partner visas and employer nomination scheme etc.).